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The Marine Adaptation Network encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative research.
The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) provides a secure data storage system for data sharing in interdisciplinary and collaborative marine research. 
The Metadata Entry and Search Tool (MEST) enables you to:

DISCOVER AND DOWNLOAD datasets, and discover researchers and their projects;  and
UPLOAD your data for archiving, and for access by nominated members, or for the general public, if you choose.

A direct link is provided from the Marine Adaptation Network to the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) data storage facility via the AODN Metadata Entry and Search Tool (MEST).

Plug into a global network with the AODN
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The Adaptation Research Network for Marine Biodiversity & Resources is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency being conducted as part of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility www.nccarf.edu.au
Photos courtesy of: A/Professor Graham Edgar, Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council, Elivira Poloczanska, Dr Gretta Pecl, Dr Alistair Hobday